Problem Installing Grub Boot Loader

Hey guys, so, I’m trying to install Parrot Sec OS 4.7 on my M.2 drive in an x64 machine, a partition with Win 10, but every time I get to the Grub install I get the “Grub Install Dummy Failed” error.
Now, I’ve done the trick where you assign your EFI partition a drive letter and go in using the command prompt and delete the folder that the previous installs of Kali, Parrot or Debian have made, but it doesn’t work for me for some reason.
I am at a stump here, can anyone tell me how I can get rid of the Grub Dummy block?
Oh, and just an added thing, not Parrot related, I have like 6-7 Bios entries from failed Linux installations in my boot list, anyone know how to get rid of them? :grin:
Hope y’all can help me!


Did you set to UEFI mode w/secureboot off before running the installer?

Ok, now I’m going to sound like a total noob, but where do I change that?
I assume it’s in the BIOS?
I have a ASUS ROG Strix B450-F motherboard, and I had a look, and I can’t find a UEFI mode with secureboot option on it anywhere…

you have to look up your model and boot into BIOS settings. Try Should be pretty easy to find. Everyone’s computer has a different keyboard code.

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