Problem installing Nvidia driver

I’m trying to install the 390-xx Nvidia driver (my card doesn’t work with newer) and something goes wrong during the installation. I don’t really know what or how to fix it. Could someone help?

Hello. Try installing them with backports repository, sudo apt install nvidia-driver -t backports.

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Installing from the backports repo worked and nvidia-smi confirms the driver is running. However the Processes part shows nothing running and nvidia-settings informs me to run nvidia-xconfig and restart the X server. When I do that, the only thing that shows up on my screen is notification [FAILED] Failed to start Light display manager

Someone on a forum solved it by editing /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and adding logind-check-graphical=true. Let me know.

This worked! Thanks! but instead of “nvidia-driver” put “nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver”

sudo apt install nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver -t parrot-backports

*Check your NVIDIA driver compatibility first before putting “nvidia-driver” this will automatically install the latest version for high-end GPU which is version 470x.

I installed 390 from the off.

Unfortunately, it did not resolve the problem

See my post at the end of this topic: The new LTS kernel version 5.16.0-12 broke nvidia-driver - #18 by JayH

I managed to install the driver already. Now I’m getting an error after running nvidia-xconfig