Problem With apt-get update

Hello Everybody !
I was trying To install MITMF on My parrot Os , by typing apt-get install mitmf but I get this problem

I also Tried to update my parrot Os by typing apt-get update
but I get this problem

Hi , python-nfqueue and python-imaging are missing on debian buster , you can find it on stretch or sid ,find your missing paquages here : and .
add manually and look if it’ good.

And to update ParrotSec use : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade or alias : sudo parrot-upgrade on user account.

from a terminal type

sudo su
apt update

I was looking better on synaptic you’ve link to install properly MITmf : , dependencies have change ,i’m going to see with @palinuro to modify this paquages.

Try sudo dpkg --configure -a

its not recommended to use apt-get; use

sudo parrot-upgrade

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