Problems after update.

Just updated. Can no longer boot unless PCI is off. Search, Touchpad doesn’t work. Different graphical interface in general. All icons in bar gone.

Parrot GNU/Linux 4.7
KDE plasma 5.14.5
KDE frameworks version 5.62.0
Qt 5.11.3
Kernel 5.2.0-2parrot1-amd64
64 bit

HP Omen laptop

There was no issue with installs. Its been working fine for awhile now. Then I updated, restarted and couldn’t login. Unfortunately I didn’t have snapshots setup so kinda screwed now if I cant get this fixed right.

Anyone know what the deal is? Currently doing my backups of what I have in event I need to start over, however I don’t want to install to only have the same problems.

how do you upgrade?

the UI change is a gnome desktop issue, not sure when the fix will release but kali had the same prob and released a fix yesterday, check dev thread to see if theres a fix already, otherwise you’ll find that the features can re reassigned via widgets for the missing icons and the right click in homescreenwas reassigned to a button on the upper right corner

sudo parrot-upgrade

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Yep exactly what I did. I really need a fix so I installed home mate edition on another comp to move my VMs over. For now looks like will work and will just install same edition back over this KDE version.

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try installing Parrot Security Interface: MATE * Format: ISO Hybrid i haven’t heard issues with it

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