Problems with upgrading

Parrot 5.2.0

I updated with terminal with command sudo apt-get upgrade

The entire upgrade process seemed to run smoothly until I restarted the computer.

I Unlocks my encrypted disk with the password I previously used. I unlock disk sda5_crypt

Then I will not go further. I can’t fill in the user password, and there is no box.

Something went wrong with the upgrade.

The computer does not boot with USB either.

What can I do?

The computer is not booting to a live usb? Check your bios make sure USB is put to the top of the boot priority list.

Once you have booted into live Linux disk, then mount your partition to check your /var/log files to find out what is wrong.

Thanks for your reply.

I could now boot with USB.
Unfortunately, I can’t mount my patition

Receives the message. ‘Unable to mount 119 GB Operation was canceled’

Hope I understand right.
I am relatively new to solving problems in Parrot.

Maybe I explained unclearly

What I meant was. I’m not going all the way in the boot process. I can enter the password to decrypt my hard drive. Then there will be a box where I enter a user password. This box does not come up, but it comes up the mouse arrow that flashes a few times. Then a flashing bar in the upper left corner of the screen

I thought it would be possible to restore to the previous configuration again. There were some backup files that I missed.

Hope I explained better now.

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Ok then I understand.
I have used the sudo apt-get upgrade command.
It can make it not work.

I have been lucky for 3 years that it worked, but unfortunately it did not work this time.

Can I somehow recreate the old installation?

Must be some bug.

I have now done 2 clean installations on 2 separate computers. With precise configurations on both.

I get the same problem even though I upgrade exactly as it says here that I should do.

Does not use the sudo apt-get upgrade command.

The result will be exactly as I described in the introduction of this thread.

Anyone with the same problem?

That IS NOT how you upgrade your system. The correct command is sudo apt full-upgrade

Sounds like graphic driver issue

Ok but I have had the same problem on 2 computers at the same time.
I did NOT use the sudo apt-get upgrade command when these computers were reinstalled.

Using sudo parrot-update

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