Programs not scaling right


Some programs in my Parrot OS install doesn’t “scale” properly (or what to call it). For example, Libre Office and Wireshark has EXTREMELY small menus and text which makes it really hard to work with on my laptop. I’ve looked around and tried to see if it has anything to do with the graphics card or something but can’t find anything relevant. I also searched these forums prior to posting this but either my search-fu is failing me or there was nothing relevant to be found.

I’ve attached an image as an example of what it looks like. This is from Wireshark but Lib re Office looks the same. Compare the menus in the program to the menus in the taskbar above:

Any advice I can get I’ll happily take.

Doesn’t really appear as an os issue, you can always change all those according to your preferences. Just move around the application and you’ll get it.

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