Just downloaded and installed latest version of parrot, installed VpN but having issues

Protonvpn init -

Creates everything and it seems fine, however, when I try to connect, always says “ AUTH FAILED”

Saying wrong credentials, nothing I can do. I’ve even downloaded the ovph files and tried
that way, same issue happens.

When I use it to login on phone, credentials work.

Not sure why this is happening ?

Sorry all, would love to get a Vpn working :frowning: should I just switch Vpn providers ? Who has a easy setup with parrot OS?

AirVPN is sound just download .deb file and install add your login and password and away you go works great on Parrot OS :slight_smile:

ProtonVPN got hit with an attack recently that wiped their database so there’s probably nothing there to authenticate to anymore.

Also a bunch of providers who claimed zero log policies got outed for… saving a ton of logs. So I would say take VPNs with a grain of salt. It’s honestly kind of a sleezy business. Check out wiregaurd and see if you can put together your own little proxy or something :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:

Use the username and password in the OpenVPN / IKEv2 username tab of account section, which is available in this can be accessed through original credentials.