Proxychains + Anonsurf

Hi, I’m having trouble with proxychains. I have never used proxychains before, but would like to get them working.

  1. For proxychains when I up terminal and type proxychains Firefox
    I get Proxychains-3.1 ( firefox: run_symlink.c:104: run_symlink: Assertion ‘getenv(“LD_PRELOAD”) == NULL’ failed. Aborted
    I’ve been looking through the new and old forums, watching videos and I’m just not sure how to get them working correctly.

I put the proxychains issue but not the anonsurf issue. I’m not sure if it’s exactly but when I turn anonsurf on I don’t get the your under the tunnel encrypt it like everyone’s watching message which I thought was strange when I go to I see a different IP address from my tor IP address. It isn’t showing and dns servers but the IP address is kind of concerning, when I look further at anonsurf status in the terminal I see that tor is active but I see date time owner Tor [19412] Application request to port 80: this port is commonly used for unencrypted protocols. Please make sure you don’t send anything you would- it then cuts off theirs about 8 of the same messages.

  • First you need have a working proxy like shadowsocks

  • then edit the config file

    sudo vi /etc/proxychains.conf 

    uncommentt dynamic_chain
    change socks4 9095 to socks5 1080 or your own port

  • save and exit

  • test if proxychains works: proxyresolv ,if echo command not found use this command cp /usr/lib/proxychains3/proxyresolv /usr/bin/

Thank you for the response I appreciate it,
When I go cd shadowsocks --> python I get
usage: [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] …]
or: --help [cmd1 cmd2 …]
or: --help-commands
or: cmd --help

Error: no commands supplied

When I get shadsocks setup working

And go to sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf
When it says

defaults set to “tor”

socks4 9050
socks5 1080

Or replace socks 4 so their is only socks5? I had both socks 4 and socks 5

shadowsocks is a proxy tools ,just a Example
if you want to use shadowsocks you need deploy shadowsocks-server on your vps

just delete socks4 xxxx xxxx

Ok I got you, I was under the impression that you could run shadowsocks on the client side to protect from Tor bad exit nodes without a VPS. I’m gonna purchase a VPS. Can you configure a more anon configure for more than just surfing w/ anon-surf more like AirVPN/VPN - TOR - Shadowsocks - Target?

maybe u can try xx-net ,zero-net,i2p,etc

If I’m connected to a proxy, do I need to modify the proxychains.conf file? I have issues pinging via terminal.

Hi bro , I have same problem here
thank you bro for help