Python2, pip2 2021

Hi, I just reinstall Parrot, in the past i make a mess with my python enviroment. Now i install a new version of Parrot, so im asking, whats the best way to install Python2 and pip2? Python3 and pip comes with tha Parrot installation. I only have install pip(pip3) and python3 right now.



Hi. Be aware that Python 2 is deprecated, it is absolutely recommended to keep only Python 3, but if you need it for some tools you can install it with sudo apt install python2, or you download the source and install it from there. About pip: Installation - pip documentation v21.3.1

Thank you for answering! I indeed need to install python2, probably pip2 also. I have some problems in the past weeks. I only had a little of experience with kali, i check out how was setup with “which” in python, python2, python3, pip, pip2, pip3 i would want to do something like that. Also i read something that the best way to use python2 right know is using virtualenv. Im taking my time before i try again hahah i fuk up my packages in the past i had to do it all again, but you learn something definitely

If you are interested (or have the need) in switching between the various versions of Python, start by studying pyenv:

which is different from virtualenv (but recommended to practice).

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