Raspberry PI 400 and 64/32 bit version?


just a question:

Does Parrot OS run properly on a Raspberry Pi 400? It is a Pi 4 with 4 GB, but a bit different.

Which version should I use, the 64Bit version or the 32 bit version, on the 400 or on a normal RPi 4 - which one has better support, is the 64Bit version already well supported?

Hello. It works, but we are making some changes to make the built-in wifi module work as well. I want to specify that our edition works with any Raspberry Pi, but we haven’t tried version 2 and the Pi Zero. However there will be an upcoming update which will fix the Raspberry Pi version (kernel panic error).

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Now we have fixed the images for Raspberry Pi, on the Pi 400 however there may be some problem with the wifi we are working on. Parrot Security

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Thank you,
in general for PI 4, which is where it should work the best: 32bit or 64 bit?

My personal choice is 64 bit version.

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64 bit, arm64.