[RESOLVED] Add "dangerous" app to anonsurf app list


Can i manually add programs to anonsurf kill service? I use librewolf now, and it would be great if anonsurf could kill it either. Or any other program i’d like to stop when anonsurf is starting?

Thanks any help!

Good question. For now the code of anonsurf client (either cli / gui) is hardcoded and compiled so you can’t edit it in source code. But you always can do the script by your own.
We tried making a doc for this but unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to complete it and publish it. But the idea is really simple:
You create a bash script like this


func start
--- Any commands you want to do
--- kill -q <list of apps you want to kill>
--- sudo service anonsurfd start
func stop
--- Anything you want to do
--- sudo service anonsurfd stop
-- command to kill apps if you need


Scripting seems like a good idea for now! Though i’m not too familiar with scripting, but i’m getting to start playing with it.

Maybe in a future edition of anonsurf think about adding a feature like this.

No. Why? Because there are so many applications out there and we can just take care of most common apps. That is why I created 3 packages of anonsurf, which contains 2 clients (gui and cli) and 1 core. It helps users to create their own interface.

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