[RESOLVED] - python-future

1. Your Parrot information

  • OS version: run cat /etc/*release
    DISTRIB_ID=Parrot DISTRIB_RELEASE=4.11 DISTRIB_CODENAME=rolling DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Parrot OS 4.11" PRETTY_NAME="Parrot OS 4.11" NAME="Parrot OS" ID=parrot ID_LIKE=debian VERSION="4.11" VERSION_ID="4.11" HOME_URL="https://www.parrotsec.org/" SUPPORT_URL="https://community.parrotsec.org/" BUG_REPORT_URL="https://community.parrotsec.org/"
  • Kernel version: run uname -a
    Linux parrot-kde 5.10.0-6parrot1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.28-6parrot1 (2021-04-12) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Or if you can’t do it, please tell us ISO version you downloaded.

** ISO information **

Version: 4.11
Desktop Environment: KDE
Edition: Home


I’d like to install chirp to my laptop, but to do it without using flatpak i need the python-future application. While it is in the debian repo, but I didn’t find it in the parrot repo. Is there any reason why python-future isn’t in the repo? Or should i just install it with a downloaded .deb?

Thanks any help you can provide!

We dropped python2 support, as it’s officially EOL.
We suggest you tu install it with flatpak. More easier than look for and satisfy a dependency ( which, by the way, I repeat, is no longer supported).

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Thanks! I wanted to avoid flatpak, but in this case i’ll do it that way.

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