Rumning on Chromebook

Is there a way to make a USB bootable to run on a Chromebook? I am curious I know that there are variants to run on a Chromebook but would be interested in trying it out. Also I am running 3.4.1, how can I update to current version if I don’t have a way download it and burn/mount to a USB?

hello taylor woods what are u trying to do Chromebook are like light weight if u have a window pc near by just use Rufus to make ur usb bootable then add os , or use Chromebook Repair Utility,enabled developer mode

I think you have to backup and reinstall from a fresh download because of the keys being changed and it was quite a big update so a lot has been changed. It should be able to run on a chrome book, it’s pretty light depending on what you can parse your tool set down to (probably going to be more of a one trick pony though, I was running it on an old Lenovo flex 3 and I’m not sure what happened but it now is constantly boot looping and was experiencing keyboard issues but then would resolve perfectly for 2 minutes only once. It was still a lot more intensive than that could really handle though.