Safe uninstalling from Win 10 Dual Boot

Hello dear Parrot family,

I have been using Parrot for a while and I really like it. My system is a dual boot laptop with Windows 10 LSTB version along with Parrot 4.18.

I have been playing with my Parrot for a while updating my tools, gathering information, learning…etc it was all fun until today (it’s almost morning in here)

I was trying to learn about OpenVAS scanner and watching some tutorials. I decided to do the initial setup while I was watching and waiting the tool to download necessary packages I reckon. According to what I saw on terminal screen, there were lots of files coming in, in big file sizes.

So Parrot warned me about my disk space. I tried to clean it up with Bleach (was it Bleach?) and just managed to save about 150MBs or something. Then all of a sudden, all I had was a black screen with a blinking pointer. Then it was restarted and just dropped to Parrot login screen.

I thought the problem would be solved on its own and just entered my root pass. But all I saw was that I was on Parrot desktop with an open terminal and nothing else. All the menus, panels were gone. When I entered some commands on the terminal, I could see my files were all there. But I couldn’t see anything except this terminal window.

So I attempted to close the terminal window, the screen went black again for a second then asked me my root pass again. So this has been an infinite loop since then. My Windows 10 partition works just fine without a problem.

By the way, I had allocated 20GBs of space for Parrot but I think I failed at this!

From what I have seen, I strongly believe that I should do a fresh install on a larger space allocated for Parrot.

But, I have never uninstalled my Parrot on this dual boot system so I’m a bit worried if I mess up my Windows 10 partition as well (quite worried about that the GRUB would prevent my system to boot again)

Any ideas how I can proceed with this uninstall, any ideas how much space I should allocate for Parrot ideally? I wasn’t really expecting that I would run out of disk space by upgrading and installing tools on my lovely Parrot! :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!