What services are running by default in Parrot OS? I accidentaly unchecked Apparmor service in Administration-Services. Am I done something wrong with this? When I checked with
"sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor status"
I found that Apparmor is running anyway…so what’s the point of this “Services” settings?!
I would also like to know what is “inside” system, how is system hardened. I know that Firejail is here preconfigured (how?), Apparmor (what profile, how is it configured)?). IS grsec included in kernel? -nobody comment this. I believe that this distro IS SAFE, but thats not enough if you agree with me. How is it safe? What have you done with it to be safer than “naked” Debian?
Even Subgraph OS which is in Alpha state has very good documentation…
I admit that I’m noob in linux. but I would like to know more about THIS distro, not Debian Aministration Handbook (which i have read anyway)
thanks and sorry for bad english