Setoolkit /var/www tip

Briefly describe your issue below:

“You may need to copy /var/www/* into /var/www/html depending on where your directory structure is. Press {return} if you understand what we’re saying here.”

im getting the error when using setoolkit im running live usb as my multiboot is also not working but thats a different ussue

depending on the payload you use, setoolkit may need to expose some files using the apache2 or nginx webservers

very old versions of apache used /var/www as the web root, but modern webservers now standardized /var/www/html as their default root

in case setoolkit placed public files on /var/www, you have to make sure to manually move them into /var/www/html

Hey, I’ve been struggling on the very same stunt of situation on SETookit.

Well… I tried to start/enable my apache2 through terminal, but still giving the very same error. .:smirk:

May you please guide on how am I going to copy those files through command line.