Share vm file between linux and windows disk erro

Hi guys, I messed little bit my parrot and is so laggy now. I need to reinstall it completely.
I have Linux and Windows on dual boot. I want to clone my vbox files from Linux to my windows disk.
But I have error after I try to copy vm files to my windows disk /media/myusername/Acer/Users/myusername/Documents

Could not create the directory ‘/media/myusername/Acer/Users/myusername/Documents/w10 Clone’ (VERR_WRITE_PROTECT).

I can just clone between my Linux disk without any error.

I tried these commands:
usermod -a -G vboxusers myusername
sudo usermod -a -G disk myusername
sudo usermod -a -G disk myusername

What is the proper command to add me to a group so I have permission or whatever, so I can move my VirtualBox files to my windows disk without any error?

Thank you.

Try doing this particular task running virtualbox as sudo/root permissions.

Let us know how it works out

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I tried run VM as root in the terminal but I have this error when I try to make vbox clone to my windows partition.

Could not create the directory ‘/media/myusername/Acer/Users/myusername/Documents/w10 Clone’ (VERR_WRITE_PROTECT).



Can you mount the windows share? To get my share to work, I had to use the following command:

mount.cifs //server/shared /mountpoint -o uid=USERID,gid=GROUPID

But this was for a network location. Not a dual boot scenario. So I’m not sure if it will work the same or not.

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I got message that “command is not found”


I may have had to run sudo apt install -y cifs-utils I think.

Not sure if this is recommended or not by the devs. But it works for me for my network location. Right now, I have to rerun the command to reattach the share after every reboot, which is annoying but I don’t reboot that often. I know I’m sure I just have to add the line to a config file, but I haven’t done it yet. lol

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Ok command it’s working now the output is:

Couldn’t chdir to /mountpoint: No such file or directory


so replace the //server/shared with the windows location, and the /mountpoint with wherever you would want the windows location mounted too. Linux typically has a /mount and in there you can create a /mount/windowsshare or something like that and that will be your mountpoint.

Again, not sure if this will work since its dual boot and the location your trying to copy too is on a machine that is turned off…

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Here’s an interesting article you might want to check out and see if it can help you.

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Will check that for sure tomorrow thank you for your time!

No worries. Hopefully I was of some help. Let us know when and how you get it working!

I have a problem with that, can you help me with prepare good commands.

mount.cifs media/santa/Acer/Users/santa/Documents mount/home/santa -o uid=USERID,gid=GROUPID

Couldn’t chdir to mount/home/myusername: No such file or directory

Or what I should mount in second part where is linux location does not understand it’s complicated for me :smiley:


So in the mount/home/myusername should be a local location on the Linux machine. So from Linux you should be able to cd in that file. If you can’t then, that file path is no good and you need to create it. So go up one level until you can cd into one of the directories.

#cd mount/home/myusername --> No such file or directory
#cd mount/home --> No such file or directory
#cd mount --> Found and now your in mount

From the example you will need to run a mkdir mount/home/myusername.

Once you can cd into that path, it will be empty. Then run the mount.cifs command to create a link between the Linux directory and the windows directory. Then you should be able to move files into this directory and they will be on the Windows machine.

Just to be clear: You have a dual boot system, Windows and Parrot. On Parrot you have VirtualBox with a bunch of files you want to put on your Windows. If those files are on any of the virtual machines, you will have to ensure that the VMs can reach out to the host.

Also, at this point, it would probably be easiest and best to just get an external or second drive. Then you can back up all of your data without worrying. You could also create a share on the external drive to be accessed by both Windows and Linux.

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I log-in into my windows and made new folder “share” then in properties I tick the option “Share this folder” then changed permission to full control for everyone and saved, then I login into my Linux and mounted via GUI windows partition and it’s work now. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your help!!! I appreciate it!

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