Shodan broken?

i installed fresh copy of parrot but ive got a problem with shodan not working.
It looks like shodan was already installed but i reinstalled it again and it still doesnt work. easy_install shodan has no effect as easy_install is not installed but python-setuptools is install and so is pip. When i try to install shodan with pip instead , pip installs shodan but i still cant run it. the init command to install the api key doesnt work either cause shodan is not in database. The python packages for shodan are installed. Im running out of options to try out. also my system is up to date. Running with hard install.

running: parrot 3.11 , x64 linux 4.15.0-parrot17-amd64

i might be wrong, but i noticed that everytime i install something with pip2/3, i cant use that package, and the actual solution is to use sudo to install it, else you wont have the global path set for the package

i tried right now, and it works

i tried using sudo. shodan should already come pre-installed on the system. To manually install, you have to use easy_install which depends on python-setuptools of which i do have but its not working properly. Hopfully i dont need to reinstall os.

thats because if you try to install something with pip without sudo its gonna break somewhere and using sudo afterward wont fix it

try in live boot sudo pip install shodan and you will see it works, you just have to remember using sudo each time to install with pip

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