Similar tools in Parrot OS ? EncroChat

  1. EncroChat service as a “user-friendly secure instant messaging client” with “guaranteed security” ?
    EncroChat - Wikipedia
  2. GrapheneOS is an Android-based, security-hardened, privacy focused mobile operating system.
  3. Tools to secure sim card ?

I dont think you know what our distribution is.

enjoy using it

if you need a secure communication system please use either or other end-to-end encrypted systems like ( is an awesome client for the matrix protocol) and xmpp with otr or gpg cryptography ( is my favorite mobile xmpp client)

in the near future the berty team should release their awesome serverless chat system based on ipfs ( but they are still work in progress

if you have some time to spend reading, pease give the EFF’s surveillance self-defense manual a look

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