Skip grub menu and boot in persistence mode by default

Hey all! I want to live boot ParrotSec,skip the grub menu entirely, and boot into persistence mode by default. Is this possible? Or even recommended? I understand how this could be a bad idea if my OS ever had any issues and I needed to access the boot menu, but if something like that ever happened I’d most likely just reflash Parrot.

  • ParrotOS iso in use:

  • Application used for flashing the iso:

Hi @witt_the

Using VirtualBox, boot up the Live Parrot ISO. Plug in your USB drive and have the Parrot guest OS recognize the drive via VirtualBox’s Devices menu => USB Settings. Install Parrot onto the USB drive as if it were an actual hard drive. Make sure you select the USB drive for Grub to be installed on.

Power off the PC and boot off the USB drive which will now be fully persistent. Do a

sudo parrot-upgrade

then a

sudo apt install grub-customizer

When installed, launch Grub Customizer and go to the General settings tab. Uncheck “show menu” and “look for other operating systems”, and then change the “Boot default entry after” to 0 seconds.

Click the Save icon, then from the File menu select “Install to MBR…”

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