Social Enginering Site Cloner

hello i am trying to clone the site as a pentest learner but whenever i try this message pops out

[] You may need to copy /var/www/ into /var/www/html depending on where your directory structure is.
Press {return} if you understand what we’re saying here.

please help me with that thing

/var/www/html is the default root directory for apache web server.
That message doesnt look like an error to me, so there shouldnt be a problem.
Also make sure to tell us what tool you are using as well, otherwise it can be difficult to help.

So, don’t hit return.


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it can be a problem if the tool copy the cloned site on/var/www when on Parrot the web root is /var/www/html like you said. If this is the case change the config on your tool to clone the site on the web root directly or change the web root to /var/www but this last options will affect all the conf already in use so not a big deal.

But before using tools etc if you really want to learn pentest, you must learn the basics like networking (at least tcp/ip), some programming language(python at least, and if you prefer web pentesting you must learn html/css, php, javascript) and when you know manual pentesting, you can start using tools… and the most useful mastering google and like @mootiny say always RTFM first!!!


i am using set tool kit whenever i work it’s said copy /var/www/* to /var/www/html i didn’t know how to do i try once but it’s corrupt my system

If you are unable to copy the contents of one directory to another, without corrupting your system, i would guess you are trying to run before you can walk. I would recommend learning the basics of unix-like operating systems before trying to use these tools.

If you are still having trouble after that, post it back here (If related) and copy-paste any errors/ warnings. They will help a lot.