Software Development

Hi guys.
I am a junior developer. I think OS development(especially linux) is cool. Id like to get to that level some day. I have just graduated with CS degree. Do I need to further my studies in some topics. If so which? In short kindly tell me roadmap to be OS developer. What do I need?

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Hello! We are having many sections:
I. Development:

  • Desktop application
  • Pentest tool
  • Web development

II. Package maintaining: Debian packaging
III. System security: hardening, security policies, auditing, …

Feel free to choose 1 section you fit


Whats web development for. And what languages are normally used in development ?

Web development is for our website. IDK about the language.

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Hi @Jared_bada

Are you wanting to develop an operating system, or just build software for the operating system? What do you want to achieve?

C/C++ is the usual route, sometimes using assembly language to optimize speed/size. It can also depend on what architecture you wish to build for (x64, ARM, Linux, Android, iOS, etc). There are many frameworks for developing GUI projects in various languages for various architectures.

The following book is free, but you need to scroll down to the colored table to download each chapter.

Here’s the same book on Amazon where it has good reviews. Similar books are available.


I’d say Nim + Gintro hehe

Those are new to me, though you have mentioned them a lot. I’m learning python for advanced mathematics (not operating system development).

Thanks alot

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Nim is not a very famous language. Not yet. But if you need C with modern syntax and memory management, rustc Nim is the best choice.