Strange things with 3 display

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My problem is using the os with three display.

I have 2 monitor and a laptop. The laptop is an Acer Aspire V5.
One of the monitor connected with HDMI and one of with VGA.
I am using this with the Intel HD graphics 520. I also have an Nvidia, but i never used it.
The laptop monitor is gone when i sign in.
Before i sign in, the 3 monitor works.
After a plug in and out the vga, the laptop monitor goes to work.
And before this post, the laptop monitor shut down, and when i lean to the laptop screen i saw it palely, but dont react to anything.
What should i do? Install the Nvidia and use with it? Are the Intel graphics card too weak for three display?
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it seems that it runs in “broken laptop screen mode” (i don’t know how to call this behavior)

you can go to the display settings, make your own configuration and save it as your new global configuration

the system should use it by default next time

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Doesn’t helped
In the display settings every monitor is on with the suggested settings

Check which one is your primary display on screen configuration

the laptop’s screen

might it be caused by your bios?

an old computer of mine used to shut down the laptop screen if the boot sequence was performed with a screen attached, but it was a bios “feature”

Acer has the worst bios in the world, so probably that was the problem.
But how can the laptop screen work before login?

oh, i missed that part, sincerely i have no idea, but then it seems to be a software problem again, and it is probably related to mate

Look like, i can do nothing.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

One of the main reason that I’m using Gnome now, is because Mate had a terrible support with my 2 screens at work after getting back from suspension or hibernation… With Gnome everything works…

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i don’t think that wake up problems are directly caused by mate, and anyways you should try with a recent version of mate with all the latest stability updates, including those of these last weeks

It basically forgot every time that I went from hibernation how my screens were setup… so everytime that I had to take the laptop off the dock, I needed to go to settings to reconfigure. With Gnome it works every time.

I found a new bug.
It seems like mate stucked at my home display config, and the screen shuted down after the login without any monitor connected to it. The “solution” is not the best: i have to close the lid.
And also the wifi dont start with the system. The solution is to close the lid or plug in an ethernet.

I am thinking about this bug. I use my laptop without monitor, and it seem like the OS cant forget the config that i used to set.
Proof: about a month ago i used my laptop with monitor and the laptop lid is always close, set it to off in Displays menu.
I think thats the main problem, that shut down my laptop screen after login.
Is there a way to remove the mate saved sessions? a cant found anything on the net

this is not a parrot bug, this is just a hardware incompatibility with debian, and again, it is not a faulth of debian but it is a faulth of your computer manufacturer which has not respected some standards (acpi is surely involved)

trust me, parrot works almost anywhere else and your problems are very hardware related and not reproducible, so you have to find a custom workaround specific for your hardware