Student In Need of Help Deciding Distro

Hello, I do apologize in advance as this is a combination of topics and didn’t quite know where to post. I am a student studying Cybersecurity and in the early stages of my academic journey. I know Kali Linux is considered to be the “standard” as far as pen testing distros go. However, I was immediately captivated by the features and growing community of Parrot Security. My question is if you guys think I will be ok with Parrot as my distro of choice to potentially use long-term in my career or if I should begin with Kali? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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The is no such thing “standard pentesting platform”. Pentesting has its standards, and platforms provide tools to help pentesters do all steps.

I know it’s not a standard but Kali is the most widely used. You didn’t answer my question and missing the point. All I want to know is if as a newcomer I would be better off using Kali for learning or if I will be fine using Parrot as I like what it offers.

Hello Esteban7GT, pentesting is about skills not about system. So , i use Parrot OS nearly 3-4 month and can say that system good choice for starting and building (how pro) your career in pentest sphere. Many people’s like you thinking too long about the choice IDE, OS, or what’s first coding language pick. It’s not bad but interferes progress.
Pick Parrot OS and not be afraid wasting time, good luck !


Thank you, Monten! I appreciate your feedback! It’s definitely easy (at least for me) to get caught up on little things like that rather than just taking one thing and running with it. Looking forward to being part of the community.


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