Switching connection issues

Hey guys.
It’s mean a long time since I use Parrot OS in dual boot mode in my laptop. I always use ethernet connection. But recently I try connect to any wifi networks, the connection is done but I can’t do anything on it. The weird thing, when I try to connect with my hostpot phone network, anything goes right and well.
Could someone help me please?

======My Configuration is======
I running version 4.6, Mate edition and amd64
I used Debian GTK
Configured to multiboot with Windows10 Pro (latest)

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You’ll have to define “can’t do anything on it”. You have valid address configuration, you have DNS? You sure it’s just not sloooow?

I’m not sure the issues is DNS misconfiguration or address configuration.
Because my home modem use a optical fiber to connect and every device connected on work fine.
Is only me when I try to connect I have issues described. I try connect my laptop to another wifio friends, I’ve the same problem.
Only my phone hostpot connection use perfectly, and I use a parrot install with default settings, no mirroring

Everything I did on, it’s HackTheBox, VMWare Workstation Pro, Nessus and BurpSuite Community

So you can connect to the router, type ifconfig and see an internal IP to wlan0, but no internet connection, is that the problem?

your wifi device is USB adapter or internet antenna?

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