Please add ZENMAP, its difficult to learn the whole nmap cheatsheat.I tried install Zenmap but it doesn’t open then i searched online and found that many users are facing this problem
please add zenmap

As Zenmap is no longer being maintained upstream, (it has been removed with the release of Kali Linux 2019.4), LIFARS has created this guide for the installation of Zenmap using the console on Kali Linux.

For a NMap GUI, we now use NmapSI4.

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That is not a good choice

I saw the date after I posted and was shocked it was that old. I knew support for Zenmap was discontinued (for now?), but thought the NmapSI4 package that is in the Parrot repositories was some newer GUI replacement. (I know that we should learn the command line of nmap anyway.)

The last update of zenmap was 4 months ago. technically it isn’t unmaintained. The real problem is python2. It is just like a project compiled with gcc 2 and there is gcc 10 out there :smiley:

Is this? let me check and add it to the remove list
p/s: maintained by debian team, version 0.5. Home page is here and it is new

Alright the nmapsi4 is not bad at all. It is qt based. The only problem i am seeing is it is using webengine lib of qt which could make a small problem of memory usage. right now it is using 155mb on my system.

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Most of the commits however don’t look meaningful however for a few years.

Well at least it is having some commits. There are packages that have last commits at 2013 or 2015

i am thinking to download windows 7 in virtual machine for zenmap

I’ve done that.

Also Cain & Abel, Acrylic Wi-Fi and a few others. Used to run an older FireFox version with FireSheep.

Though I recently ran across sparrow-wifi for Linux which not only scans\cracks Wi-Fi, but also Bluetooth and has GPS functionality. So Acrylic on the Windows guest might not be needed.

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