Touchpad too sensitive !

I’m running Parrot on my Mac Book Pro 2015 and my touchpad is very very sensitive. I hardly can’t touch the touchpad without clicking on almost every thing on the screen.

Is there somehow I can adjust the touchpad ?

At top of your screen click System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Mouse.

That will open a box where you can change settings for the touchpad by clicking the ‘Touchpad’ tab.

There is an option to completely disable touchpad ‘clicks’ if necessary & also two/three finger click emulation settings. See if anything there improves your experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, but that does help. Now matter how much or in what direction I move the slider, nothing happens. Maybe Parrot is not compatible with Mac Book Pro 2015 touchpad. The touchpad works fine, but it’s too sensitive.

I know others out there work on Parrot with macbooks so I am sure if you are determined you can get improvements.

For more specific settings try the synclient command which allows you to change settings to a more exact point.

To list your current touchpad settings run:

synclient -l

some of this will come down to a matter of personal taste and playing around with settings.

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Testing so far seems to work when changing MaxTapTime from 180 to 110
“synclient MaxTapTime=110”

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Hi Mike, I have the same problem as you. Its terrible “I’m ever, never going to buy apple products for several reasons, they sell only due to some mysterial hype, could be a good product I guess but as it is, nope”. Annyhow, have several other problems, installed Parrot sec. OS can’t find the SSD, running it on external HDD, cant find webcam. I have tried the same setting now as you synclient maxtaptime 110, see how its working, couldnt se any diferance in the propperty of the mouse/touchpad controll panel, but, we’ll will see how it’s working and adjust it , thanks for the help. if it’s any comfort for the parrot crew, Kali linux don’t find the SSD in the macbook air 2013 eighter … so working with two os, parrot on the mac and kali on the raspberry Pi4, as parrot could not load display manager… and I could not doo it eighter :slight_smile: have a good day folks…

I actually like Apple a lot and the touchpad works just fine when running MacOS on it. I don’t think we can blame Apple for the sensitive touchpad, when running Parrot OS. I have been running both Kali and Parrot on my Mac Book Pro 2015 with out problems with the SSD. I have not tried the webcam, but I never use webcam, so it does not matter to me. I can imagine that your 2013 model, must have some problems that my 2015 model does not have.

About the “MaxTapTime” you can find more settings here and try to see if other settings works better:

that all well and good Mike, alot of people like apple products, but i cant stand it, mostly for the anoyment for searching for my picks and things like that, I begun with “computers” when windows 3.1 was around the corner and I was used to finding my way around it, but when I bought the macbook air and had to learn how to access “my stuff” I wasn’t very happy about it, and it escalated with the time, without battery your appel slows down so you have to buy one to speed it up again, how they are configuring the computer, dont ask me, but it slows dow. then if you get tired and like to convert to linux for example you cant realy do it becaus they build the machine a different way than a “IBM clone”, so thats what your buying, and if you take a look under the hood, it’s not more than a cellphone inside of it a cellphone that you have to pay more than a 1000bucks for. I bought a fujitsu simens i 2003, 1200gr. and 7hours battery. i had it in use for about 10 years, also without battery inside of it and it was fine all the tie til i put it away, last years I had it in use the os was centos 5 something. so Im not realy sure that mac is worth the hype, but i’m not getting any friends by saying so :slight_smile: ) thank you Mick I going to check it out, the touch pad thing. by the way, what kind of SDD do you have in your mac? it’s strange that you can access it and I cant, I have “opend” the protection in macbook settings, and reborn OS can find it but as I said parrot and kali cant… all the best

I’m back from the DOS 5.0 days on my PC, before Windows. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, then a Commadore 64, and then a PC 286 DX :slight_smile: The only Apple product I own is my Mac Book, else I’m using Android. I don’t know what SSD I have in my Mac Book, but all I did was deleting MacOS, creating a new partition and installing kali/Parrot. But it sounds weird if Kali/Parrot can’t see your HD during the install.

I’m going to play around with the link I posted, and think that this part sound interesting:

If you find that your hand frequently brushes your touchpad, causing the TapButton2 option to be triggered (which will more than likely paste from your clipboard), and you do not mind losing two-finger-tap functionality, set TapButton2 to 0 . Alternatively, see #Disable touchpad while typing.

If your touchpad is too sensitive, use higher values for FingerLow and FingerHigh and vice versa. Remember that FingerLow should be smaller than FingerHigh


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