TP-Link TL-WN722N v2: Airgeddon


I just went out a purchased a TP-Link TL-WN722N v2 for learning how to conduct various pentesting procedures. Before I started using it (and the reason why I purchased it in the first place), I was getting this message when running Airgeddon: “This interface is not in monitor mode.”

After plugging the wi-fi adapter in and doing my best to install the drivers, I am getting this message after choosing to put it the interface into monitor mode (option 2):

"Setting your interface in monitor mode…

"The interface changed its name while setting in monitor mode. Autoselected

Monitor mode now is set on channels

While I thought it looked good, once I attempted to do something like “Explore for targets (monitor mode needed)” I get an error that says:

"Exploring for targets option chosen (monitor mode needed)

This interface channels is not in monitor mode

I should note that I was having trouble installing the drivers for the TP-Link TL-WN722N v2, so my first question would be: Are the drivers necessary in order to get monitor mode working?

Of course, my second question is: If the drivers are necessary and I haven’t installed them correctly, can someone please provide me with a clear and concise way to get the drivers installed correctly?

I did my best to follow the instructions provided by TP-Link but they were for Ubuntu and Kali Linux (they didn’t mention anything about Parrot OS). When it came to searching for instructions for installing drivers for Parrot OS, I couldn’t find many helpful guides.

One last thing that might be of help: When I try to connect to wlan1 (which is the TP-Link Wi-Fi adapter) it doesn’t connect. However, it is showing up on the Airgeddon. Basically, I suspect that I have failed to install the drivers correctly.

I greatly appreciate anyone who can help with this. :smiley:

Parrot GNU/Linux 4.7 KDE Plasma Version 5.14.5 - KDE Frameworks Version 5.54.0 - Qt Version 5.11.3 - Kernel Version 5.2.0-2parrot-amd64

Debian Standard installation.

Configured to multiboot with other systems? No

List your hardware specs to include make, model and firmware (when applicable): Processors: 4 x Intel Core i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz with 1.8 GiB

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simple anser, return it and get V1 because V2 isnt compatible with the drivers used in WIFI hacking

theres a whole redit on this if you want to check it out.


I was afraid that would be the case. Thanks a whole bunch for the help. I’ll look for a v1 or another compatible model and update you. If I still have an issue, I’ll reach out to you in this thread or something.

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Maybe it can work wih 4.18 kernel -

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Sorry for the late responce… no Version Two “v2” does not have the ability to access monitor or promicious mode… You need V1… that company liek many others didnt realize what they made on the first model… I have a Netgear WNA1100 Windows 7 (only) wifi with the Atheros 2.4 Ghz 9271 Chipset, somone gave it to me because he had windows 8, and it wasnt compatable… now the AR 9721 is maybe the Best 2.4Ghz wifi chipset ever built… You cant buy this dongle anymore… its made in China and Netgear wont sell another $2 dollar Wifi Dongle with Promicious and Monitor and the last mode there. its drawing a blank sorry I know what it does I just cant think of the name… so $2 for the best 2.4 Ghz wifi pwon chip LOL

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type ‘sudo iw phy’

Supported interface modes:
* managed
* AP
* monitor
* mesh point
* P2P-client
* P2P-GO
* outside context of a BSS
See in “Supported interface modes” if ‘monitor’ is listed
If yes, than type “sudo iw dev wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor addr 52:5e:4a:12:7b:d7”


ax11000 tlpink

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