Trouble with software interfaces (Gimp, Blender)

Greetings, I am a day old to Linux, and am very sad I did not switch sooner. Being a newbie, there is a learning curve, and I am doing my best to learn all the terminal commands quickly. So, please be patient with any stupid questions.

I was having trouble with the interface of gimp and blender. All the icons inside gimp were not actually appearing, and what I assumed would be words and icons were showing up as 2x2 matrices for some reason. It was very odd. Then, I was going to upload the picture here from my downloads, and the same error was appearing for that gui interface of this firefox file browser. This is making me think that I am simply missing something on my OS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps, unrelated – after first installing blender, I could not get it to open.

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