[TUT] Fix the resize window top cornor only

  1. Problem
    On Mate desktop edition, user can only resize any window by moving cursor to top corner or title bar area. It has been 1 year since it happened after package upgrade.
  2. How to fix (from comment of Linux Mint forum by user all41, URL is bellow)
I can verify and duplicate this issue with Window Managers:
Marco, Marco+Compton, MetaCity, and MetaCity+Compton will not allow resizing.
Marco+Compositing, MetaCity+Compositing, and Compiz allow resizing normally.

So it is a bug or feature in mate or marco
3. How to do it

  • Open mate-tweak by terminal or GUI or anything you like
  • Select tab Windows, in Window manager select Marco (Adaptive compositor). It worked on my PC, Nvidia gtx 960

p/s: Parrot is NOT only distro has this issue. The URL above is a proof. Parrot might have it sooner because we are Debian testing based distro so our packages are updated sooner than stable distro like ubuntu or mint

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