Tuxcut , Kickthemout

ParrotSec latest OS
dual booted with win7

Problem is
When i am runni g tuxcut it won’t run
Gives reply
this is not red head disrto

So i try alternative kickthemout
but it gives error even i installed all requirements

So any alternative other ???
Or how to solve tuxcut

Already Solved At

Also If Wanted To Use Tuxcut
Provide Screenshot Of Error
Of both Tuxcut kickthemout


No i not like your tool ,
Amzkill workign perfect ,without matter i respect
But problem is
Amzkill is very simple , i not like simple tools
Not have banner , even not have keyboard option
Just typing number and kick out player

I like Tuxcut and tools which look like kickthemout
Solve that why kickthemout not work
Tuxcut i understand , but why kickthemout not work?


Mate , First thing is this is ParrotSec forum
If that tools not work is not OS fault in your case ,
Because that tools not added by Parrot Devs , it’s 3rd party apps

And about my tool , yes it’s very very simple looking without any desing and Ribbons , i focuse only om work

You have full authority to change it make beautiful in lookign , and upload as your no problem
But you not avle to ask here , you can contact
That tool developers , where from you downloaded
You also get my contact by google
So next time don’t ask about 3rd party app which not in. Repo / default

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