Two bugs i have fixed manually with script i made, about 7 months ago

– Hello, the packages virtualbox-ext-pack was no loger available in the parrot repositores , so ive been installing it manually –

— also, virtulbox packages seem to be a bit outdated, so virtualbox wouldn work when i upgraded to kernel >= 5.15 … thats also why ive been installing it all manually

  • Parrot version in use *
    versions parrot 4.11.3 and parrot 5.0 beta 9

  • Hypervisor used:

bare metal machines, and qemu/kvm/virt-manager as well as virtualbox

Btw… this is my first time postin to the parrot comunity, so i apologize for any mistakes… ive been using parrot exclusively for over 5 years now, it can do everything, Gaming, productivity, Cybersec,Programming and creativity work such as video/photo editing… im a 2nd year Software engineering University student… :smiley: Long Live Parrot OS

Hello. virtualbox-ext-pack should be on repository parrot-backports. Make sure you upgraded to latest Parrot version, and let the installer update your source list.
There was a bug of wrong dkms version of virtualbox but it should be fixed a while (more than a month)