Unable to access home directory

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  1. I am unable to access folders which are under my home directory.
  2. I am Not able to download files directly into my ~/courses directory.
  3. To download file, first I have to download then onto the Desktop and move to my required directory.

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I’ve noticed the same problem lately, my normal Home directory sub-folders (Pictures, Videos, etc…) are not visible/available when attempting to download files in Chromium.

This is completely normal since Firejail blocks some parent folders for safety. Therefore, browsers are able to download files inside Desktop and Downloads folders only.

:red_circle: Whitelisting a Folder inside Home Directory

firejail --whitelist=${HOME}/<folder name> <app name>

Please, take some time to learn about Firejail.


thx for this reply. i assumed that’s what it was. however, what’s weird, is that firefox has almost complete filesystem access for me. any ideas why that is? should i be worried, or just use firejail to restrict? thx

UPDATE: nevermind. I compared chromium-common.profile and firefox-common.profile, which were included in their respective profiles, and they simply differ in what they whitelist. Interesting.

Is a way to open an html file then, that is on a different hard-drive or not under the Desktop or Downloads directory?

Otherwise I will always get file not found?

Also via terminal, If I try to sudo open the file, I get below message which is expected. Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported.

I wish I could have a browser that opens any file under any directory.


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According to me
It’s good Thing
Don’t forbidden it
Some files is locked like videos ,pictures and others
I think it’s done by firejail
When using firefox by this , no ome get sniff in ypur pc by XSS. And other
I also very hate this firejail due to this type activity
But it required

Don’t remove block from it

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Alternate of firejail is
Bitbox , hope you like

I dont see any reason why anyone would want something more complex like bitbox, Firejail is really simple and it does the job well and on top of all of that its all over the place, which means you wont be left with any weird interactions on the scale of something that isnt ingrained into everything at the level firejail is. If anybody needs the docs to it, its a lot simpler than one might think. If you want to read more about its implementation you can do so here!