Update no longer boots

I have a HP 2540P which for some strange reason the parrot full iso on usb is not seen as a boot able device (used dd) so I swapped to the parrot home version which booted and installed.

But after a full update and install of parrot tools full it was all fine until last night where the update suddenly killed the boot.

A default boot shows grub then just a black screen, I think it maybe driver related because if I type the encryption password the drive flashes as though it is booting.

I did a full reinstall which booted fine every time then after updating no more.

So I next rebooted and selected the advanced options in grub and selected the parrot10-amd64 and it booted fine… So it looks as though its wrongly configured for the hardware… I checked the Parrot20-amd64 but this does not boot.

Strange huh?

All this strangeness makes me want to jump back to blackarch and i3… Unless someone can help?

What version of Parrot are you running? 64bit 4.4

What method did you use to install Parrot? parrot home iso from main website

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below:

Update: I restored my old grub which had no reference of parrot20-amd64 and the system boots like before. But there’s something wrong with the updated 20 on my laptop.

Update 2: so after this noob has been googling it’s the new kernel 4.18.20 and integrated graphics, is there a log file I can review to see what the issue with the new kernel is?

if it created one its going to be in the /var/log folder. great job in figuring this out so quickly and wanting to see why. hardware can be a real B****! lol try taking a look at your xorg/x11 packages

Im having this same issue after updating as well, from what i saw in the logs i didn’t see much there and i do not see a way to roll back xorg in p20. p10 still works fine however so i may just end up setting that as my main image