Use Parrot os "at your own risk" if I am a beginner?

in some forums about linux in my country, they told me that Parrot OS Home is something “at your own risk” due to being aimed at pentest, but on the site it says that the home version is for anyone, but in the end, as a Windows user now entering the linux world, can I use this Parrot OS Home as if it were any other system or do I need to look for another Linux distribution because I am “noob”?

sorry for my english, it’s from google translator

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You can use it whatever and however you want, but just refer the documentation
If you do something which is not recommended, then it’s on your own risk. And parrot home is not focused on pentesting, it is focused on privacy and security, as a very minimal os just to use a system.
The difference in sec and home is just the pentesting tools,
If you know what you are doing, then it’s no issue.

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so I think everything is fine, I tested almost 10 Linux distributions on VM and Parrot OS was the one I liked the most, so I installed it in dual boot, I use it to develop web applications and the most “complex” thing I’ve done so far was to switch the graphical environment for “Cinnamon”, I have basic notions about linux, I’ve used other distributions, I was just worried about what they told me in my country (Brazil), as if they said "this is for a smart hacker and not for a Linux user common, look for something else

Thank you for your attention and for having clarified my doubts.

obs: I’m not good at writing in english, so I prefer to use google translator, i hope everything was translated right

They are idiots. End of story.

It is very simple: if you try to understand what is going on, you are smart. If you ignore it and keeps doing things blindly, it is stupid.

put parrot security onto a usb drive and use it as a live version until you get used to it all and how it works, theres no point installing it to your hdd if you dont know how to use it or get out of situations that will leave your pc useless.

Totally agree. And install Parrot in vm is an other choice. WSL2 works well too.

Hello everybody ,

I openly ask my question here and I immediately recognize it is a bit of assistantship but I still have to search the web, tell me is Anonsurf really safe because I am lost compared to the many tutorials circulating on the web?

Some stipulate that the TOR proxy is transparent so in my opinion Anonsurf is not at all secure, what’s more, it is even more risky to do intrusion tests?

KaliTorify is the same as Anonsurf, do we agree?

Thank you really in advance for your answers friends

In simple words anonsurf is just as tor network.
If you can understand it, u know what’s risking and what not.
If you need in complex words, it’s open source - you can read the code.

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ok thank you for your answer but that answers my question halfway, in many other forums they stipulate that Anonsurf proxies are TRANSPARENT so it is not secure especially for doing penetration testing, let’s be clear on this point! ??

How can It be insecure?

you need to know a little bit about debian if you know the basics of terminal like cd, apt, tar, dpkg and sudo no need to worry! (I’m talking about home editions)