User login on start up

(Sachin Murpana) #1

I am using a Parrot 4.5 in VMware Workstation.
whever i start the OS, it promp for user password
i only have 1 user, but i want to disable it so that it can automatically login.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #2

download the OVA appliance, it already has automatic login

(Pen Dragon) #3

On the upper head task bar click System > Control Center > under Administration User and Groups > Password, click Change

(Sachin Murpana) #4

i clicked on change but dont ask for password is greyed out


Unless you are using the OVA Parrot is not designed for automatic login.

(Sachin Murpana) #6

In earlier version of Parrot OS, I had done it by editing lightdm file and uncomminted line for user auto login and post that he didn’t ask for password.

I guess there will be some ways for this


Where there is a will, there is always a way my friend. But you asked on Parrot support to do something that is not safe. @Palinuro gave you the answer, I’ve given you the same.