Using Commerical VPS Servers and Commerical VPN Services Is Not A Good Idea For Your Own Privacy Of Course

If your the type to use commercial VPS servers which used to host commercial VPN services like Private Internet Access, NordVPN, Express VPN and PureVPN. It’s really easy to use bitcoin or some kind of cryptocurrency to pay for VPN services of the likes or credit card but the thing that tells me is how much of the metadata that get shuttled through these services that are sold off to marketing companies, governments or whoever else that might be even there terms of service say they won’t do anything in accordance with the laws with regards how they might handle there services and put a fancy word like zero knowledge privacy as a selling point and that I have used many different types of VPN services in my time and that I come to not trust them as much anymore and that I have consider alternatives like a personal and custom VPN server and having my own private VPN service for own purposes is something I’m working towards because I’m financially broke and that well using old computer as a VPN server running my own personal and private VPN service is better than paying out for it.

But not to sound like a contradicted idiot maybe it wise for the parrot sec community to host there VPN servers and have rock solid VPN service that should similar to and non commericalized.

i would never allow criminals to anonymize their activities through the parrot infrastructure. we don’t have the legal structure to shield all the idiots misusing the service, and we have no plans to do that in the future

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What vpn does parrot sec recommend? I’m currently usimg purevpn, thanks

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