Using monitor mode in hyper v

Hey guys -

I’ve been using parrot sec for a little while now and recently made the transition from using Virtual Box to using Hyper V. I’m currently using parrot sec 4.7 and the most recent version of Hyper V. So I create my VM using the Iso, I install it etc etc no issues. Where I come into my problem is that I cannot use my Wireless Network adapter ( A tp-link Ac 1300 dual band) in monitor mode. The reason being is that the vm does not see this as a wifi card, instead it sees it as a wired connection. I have looked everywhere and cannot figure out how to create a virtual wifi connection instead of a wired connection. I have tried using Gen 1 and Gen 2 machines, creating legacy networks, internal, external, and private, and creating a bridge. All of them show up as Wired connections instead of wireless. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

why you use Hyper-V???
there are many good Hypervisors out there and you chose this one? :slight_smile:

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