Vokoscreen troubleshooting and fix

On fresh install to Parrot Home edition there is a little bug with ffmpeg, Vokoscreen doesn’t launch recording so i’m going to see on Vokoscreen web site and then give a solution:


The best way to change ffmpeg file is :
dowload your ffmpeg version (32 or 64)

extract it

open terminal and rename ffmpeg original file by :
sudo mv /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg-original

After , place the new ffmpeg on it :
sudo cp ffmpeg /usr/local/bin/

That fix it.

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There is a topic about vokoscreen and how to fix it in forum before.

Sorry , people on Telegram speak recently about vokoscreen problem , it’s just to help. Thx to advertising.

Yeah actually it is an old topic and it is a little bit hard to find so any help will be welcome :stuck_out_tongue:
P/s: Can someone commit a fix on Parrot gitlab?