W3af tool.

Is it possible to install W3af tool on the Parrotsec?

Thank you.

that tool is buggy

Why Kali Linux has it?

Here is the documentation to install it on Debian(Parrot). A lot of the documentation here will likely be a work in progress for awhile. This is a huge project for a small community.



  1. Do you see any w3af on their mirror?
  2. Can you do a custom installation from source?
  3. That is Kali. This is Parrot. We don’t give a shit.
  4. If you can see, try using Kali instead of Parrot. Or download their package and install.

I’m a fan of Parrotsec and because of it I asked. Parrotsec should offer a complete list.
Please look at https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing, You can see W3af?

Did you know that w3af is buggy and it even has freezy problem?

I think everyone has their preference of tools. If it works for him or he wants to tinker with it even in a buggy state, although I agree with you; We shouldn’t push him from it. @Hack3rcon It simply just won’t be implemented in to Parrot but feel free to install it using other Debian based guides. I wouldn’t make a post here on how to install programs not provided by Parrot though. Being on ParrotOS you should know your way around Linux. If you do, than using other distro guides like Arch will be compatable for you as well.

Yes you are right: Do a custom installation.
I’m not saying this tool is bad, but this tool is so buggy and it didn’t even test my first test

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To be honest, I agree. It is slow and freeze many times.
I just liked it because of some of its features. Any similar tool?

No. Only some very basic scripts like wapiti which is not very good. w3af is used for auditing the web app (vuln assessment) so only zap proxy “could” do the job and zap doesn’t do it well.