Weird graphics issue

My Parrot OS install has been working perfectly for quite a while until yesterday. I didn’t install or change anything that I can remember, other than doing the normal updates process from the “Check for Updates” popup when the OS boots. All of a sudden, when I start the system, the image drops out completely when it boots to the login screen (my monitor says no signal). If i hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 it takes me to the terminal login screen just fine, but when I try Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go back to the GUI it says no signal again. Even though I can’t see anything at that point, I can still type my password and login, and once thats done the signal and image returns. But things are not OK after that, there is some weird glitching going on in the desktop and in apps. I think I’ve narrowed the issue down to something to do with the graphics drivers or something because my screen is a 4k 60hz monitor, but I run the desktop at 1080p 60hz. If I try setting the screen res to native (3840x2160@60) the image drops out and I get no signal (it didn’t do this until yesterday, I use to be able to use those settings just fine). I’ve attached a small desktop capture video of the weird glitching thats happening after its booted up… Any help on how to fix this and prevent it from happening again would be great.

Hey! Another desktop person! Haha whats your GPU and whats your CPU (if it supports integrated graphics what do you have the default output as in your bios config) can you also post the histroty out of your synaptic or apt right before the reboot you noticed it started glitching?