What if tools are added?

In your opinion, does the Parrot system not deserve to be developed?

First, the tools must be arranged so that it is easy to find most of the tools for my penetration test
Secondly, we ask to add sites for penetration experiments
Third, why is Chrome browser not added?
Fourth, away from system problems, why not fix update problems instead of moving from one version to another?
Good arrangement of tools is great, but we ask for more arrangement of tools
Why not add a program?

Third, why is Chrome browser not added?

its because parrot os is a privacy focused distro
however they can give chromium or brave or vivaldi i hink

Hi Annoy,

They are arranged perfectly. If you want some different grouping, manually edit the menu with LibreMenu or create launchers on the panel(s).

Look up Metasploitable2, Metasploitable3, Webgoat, etc. The devs are not going to pay for servers that are hackable. Nmap has a site to scan too. Plus all this: Vulnerable webapps and VMs for penetration testing practice: my own list | Andrea Fortuna

And also big things are happening between Parrot Devs and the HackTheBox website: HTB News | Hack The Box + Parrot OS

Note that joining HackTheBox requires you to hack one of their pages to find a secret code before having further access to their free hacking scenarios. It requires that someone knows what they are doing to join.

Hahaha! Google Chrome on a security distribution. Would you like Microsoft Edge while you’re at it too? :laughing: I have FireFox, Brave, Tor, Chromium, Opera, Falkon, Konqueror, and WaterFox Classic installed on my Parrot main system. If you must, don’t pursue hacking, install gdebi and right-click on the following deb package: https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

The Parrot developers are constantly working on bug fixes and packaging. Some of the mirrors are recently missing packages or have downgraded packages. Use the mirror list to find a mirror that works (China and Italy are two that are up-to-date) instead of https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot for now: Mirrors list - Parrot Documentation

You can add VirtualBox directly from the Parrot mirrors. Or even download and install VMware Workstation Player for free (it’s much faster than VirtualBox, but may phone home): https://www.vmware.com/go/getplayer-linux

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