What Is the deal With new Parrot

Not to be rude or anything but what is going on with Anon dont work. Tor browsers out of date and not signed or updated cant even download and then had 28 errors that wouldn’t do the update. Atk bridge not there what is going on this OS used to run with zero errors right out of the box. I hope yall fix soon I just downloaded the new parrot and this is the worst I have ever seen.

atk bridge was removed and now it is put back

Biggest change ever: We added a welcome page and it shows after fresh installation. It shows “Learn some fucking basic Linux” and 2 buttons “yes” and “yes”


@dmknght Please please please tell me this is true, or that you’ll add this. It’s great! :joy:

atk bridge is a module of gtk. Or more accurate, the atk-bridge error is a bug that missing libbridge or something.
Meanwhile this bridge mode is obfs4 bridge connection of Tor.

thanks for the info, i think i need to go hardcore mode on these types of things i guess
doesn’t have much info as I haven’t faced any such issues

The atk-bridge problem is the “warning” text when you open gtk application in gui

Just to add to the bitching! I don’t care about crapware like synaptic or gufw …etc but I developed Firewalld for the last few years with helpers for each program and the system crashes with the new 4.9.1 parrot.

You can try it for yourself! sudo apt install firewall-applet
which will include firewalld and firewall-config.

I’m not ready to give up on SupaBoss just yet … but sure he should byte his tongue…lol

I know, right?

Like, I cannot connect to a wifi wirelessly; if not by cable. And I have tried everything that I could in order to fix it and I just seem to find it. I went on youtube and found nothing. The previous versions seemed better.

Does the Live version connect? If it does not it might be a hardware or driver problem. At install time if the hardware is not recognized you get a list to pick from. It does not mean that the list is good… Try a USB to ethernet dongle … not the perfect solution.

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