Why not implement systemd-homed for lock-screen encryption?

System-homed would help strengthen security by encrypting the home folder when the screen is locked. This would seriously help ParrotOS since its mainly used as a desktop distro.

Hello there! Thank you for your suggestion. For now the whole team is busying on multiple projects and milestones. We are having the idea of improve security and privacy in next year. But if you want to have this feature on new Parrot release soon, please feel free to pm me here and we can discus it


Hi Dev,

Thanks for the response. Not sure how to private message (pm) here, so I’ll just reply in this forum thread.

I think Parrot’s security would increase if you do implement systemd-homed. I tried persuading other distro devs with no luck. Perhaps since you guys are more security conscious, you would do so.


It doesn’t have to be an immediate implementation but as long as its on the roadmap, like you said next year you are looking to improve privacy and security.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer help in anyway since I am not a developer, heck even using CLI is challenging for me. lol.

Systemd-homed is not yet completely error free. You can try to create a homed user using the docs at systemd.io. It is better to have newer systemd (≥ 248) which is unfortunately not available in parrot. You can try with fedora, debian sid or arch. I’ve been using homed luks on arch for a while and most of the things work.

Currently no distribution implementats this but my guess is fedora will be first adopter.

Happy hacking!