WiFi Adapter Support

I am using the new version of parrot sec os and i recently purchased a alfa awus036neh i wanted to know how to install drivers an dswitch between internal and external cards

well, I don’t really see any need for you to switch you just use which one you need at the time. For example, your Alfa will be capable of packet injection so it will be the wise choice for anything you need that ability. Most apps for wifi work will allow you to choose which wifi to use for what.

As for drivers, I have never had to install drivers for my Alfas on any Parrot Security install, just plug them in and go to work.

Some helpful commands using wifi with pentesting:
service network-manager start | restart | status | stop
Use this command to either start, restart, stop, or check the status of your network manager

sudo ifconfig down
Use this to bring down your wlan card

sudo ifconfig up
Use this to bring your wlan card back up

sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
This sets your wifi card to monitor mode

Thanks for the reply, I was doing ifconfig wlan0 down and sudo service network-manager restart but I had to block it with rfkill and then ifconfig wlan1 up sudo service network-manager restart. Thanks again for the reply.

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