Wifi bluetooth problem

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Can you describe your issue? You haven’t provided any relevant information.

Assuming you can’t use bluetooth applet, execute the following: sudo systemctl enable bluetooth && sudo systemctl start bluetooth

It’s showing that bluetooth module nit found. And demond tools can’t start it.

I guess your wireless driver hasn’t been installed. That problem is pretty simple. The hard part is you can’t install driver without internet (Actually you can do it with your phone and USB tethering mode)

If you run lspci command, you will see your hardware information, include wireless adapter type. You can search for driver package name with it. Read “Debian install wireless driver” on google can help you so much. If you have any question please ask me here, i will help you as much as possible :wink:

I have done the same and it is working again. But after a reboot problem ar comming again and by the way i am in beta version. So i am waiting for the stable to arrive so that i can format again., :disappointed_relieved:

If i didn’t get you wrong, you could run sudo apt full-upgrade or sudo parrot-upgrade. Howerver, I believe our versions, including beta version has no difference about wireless driver.

It is possibly your driver is in blacklist. Can you check your modprobe please? I want to know your wifi adapter as well. You know, it is easier to understand your problem.


Bro, can i run parrot in i3 8 gen with 1Tb and 4GB of ram. Easily

I don’t know so much as i am new can you explain me a little bit.

Okay, firstly, did you read documentation of Debian about wireless driver?
Secondly, please run lspci from your terminal and see your wireless adapter type

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