Wifi connects and disconnects constantly

ok this is not my 1st time on the forums, but i cant log in to what i belive is my normal account,
last week i was using my laptop, online, when the internet went out, i soon realized my phone still had wifi, as did my roommates, i was using the latest parrot mate, swapped wifi cards, still no wifi, went to a shop, it connected to wifi (they say) checked the router, not banned, filtered, no mac rules,
in my attemts to get the wifi runnning again i have removed firejail (read there was some issues) i have no firewall, actually im the only one in the house who even knows how to use it, and i wasnt doing anything, but i have reset it, and a hard reset, no use.
made myself a multiboot usb yesterday, hirens, kinux voyager, puppy, sparky, unbuntu, wifi works on them all, all checked out the new parrot kde, wow, cool, but no wifi, ive deleted all my saved networks, devices, started from scratch, no luck, on the parrot kde today i go this msg…failed to get secrets fro new 802.11…
no agents were avalibile for this request. did not recieve a reply. possible causes include remote app did not send a reply, message bus security policy blocked the reply, timeout expired, or network connection was broken.
im lost now, please help!
still not wifi on latest parrot MATE, no wifi on live Parrot KDE, BUT ALSO no wifi on live deepin, but live ubuntu, manajero, hirens boot, work. oh also on parrot at least a usb wifi card also will not work
also i am on an x230 i7 16bg ram, etcher installed

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