Wifi issue

I’m new here so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but my parrot OS 4.5.1 64bit won’t connect to my wifi, I try to connect to the access point but it says it disconnected, I have a realtek rtl8192eu USB wifi adapter, I updated all the packages but it still won’t let me connect to any wifi… Help

Have you tried using this one?

Same issue with that driver…

Found out the issue now, After installing that driver i was able to edit my wifi connections, I had to set my channel to 1(2412 MHz) and band to 2.4, Device (wlan0) Then cloned MAC address to Stable and worked like a charm! I used iwconfig and it showed “Frequency=2.412 GHz” and i was like… Hmm maybe changing to that frequency would work? Absolutely! Hopefully this is the same issue for others… I’ve seen alot of other people suffering from the same issue(probably a different reason but still) Thank you for the driver!

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