Will Ubuntu interfere with Parrot S

Will having Ubuntu and Parrot Security OS interfere with the wifi card? I had the same issue when i first downloaded Ubuntu. I was able to use the ethernet but my wifi option or logo would not show up. Until i disabled security boot, then my wifi worked. I now downloaded Parrot Security OS and my wifi wont work or show up. So i was wondering if having Ubuntu had something to do with it. I have kernel module: wl but the driver isnt showing up. could this just be a case of just simply needing to download the driver? I have come to find out that i do not have madwifi or when running wlanconfig it says command not found. It also looks like (resolvconf) file seems to be missing some files or just not complete. But i do not know exactly what it is that it is suppose to have.

disable secure boot and your wifi should work ?

which version of parrot are you using ?
did you download the parrot iso fully and copy it to your usb drive/dvdr fully before install?

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Thanks but i figured it out, I did disable secure boot. the problemwas that I was missing the driver for the wifi mondule. 10 hours later and I finally got it. lol thanks

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