Wireless Connection Problem

Hello Guys,

I already installed Parrot Security on my Laptop by Virtual Box and I can’t get or install the network drivers to start.
My laptop: Intel ® Core ™ i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90 GHz
Network Controller: Dell Wireless 1703 802.11 (2.4 GHz)

What solutions I have?

Thank you in advance


Hi Victor.

You need an external USB wireless card to get wireless working in any VirtualBox (or VMware) guest OS. Built-in cards do not work so you are stuck using the Host OS’s wireless connection via NAT, Bridged, etc.

One list of external USB Wi-fi cards that you can using in a VirtualBox guest OS, and also use in monitor/promiscuous mode is here:


I recently bought a cheap one on Amazon but there are others that are better if you are willing to pay more.


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